Dedicate a Little Time and Concentrate 100%

time-and-moneyWho wants a return of tenfold on their investment of time and money? I know I sure do. Toastmasters® is one of the many things in life that will give back tenfold on the time and money you invest in it. If you are like me though, Toastmasters® probably ranks number three or four on your priorities. So how do you get the return of tenfold if you have two or three priorities ahead of it gobbling up the majority of your time? I will tell you. No matter whether the time you have to dedicate to Toastmasters® is 10 hours or two hours a week, give Toastmasters® 100 percent of your concentration during that time.

Female climber clinging to a cliff.I loved the analogy of the rock climber used in January’s Toastmasters® magazine. When the rock climber is on that rock ledge he is thinking of nothing else except his next hand or foot placement. His successful climb depends on such concentration. I would challenge each of us to carve out a little time to dedicate to Toastmasters® (our rock ledge) each week and give 100 percent of our concentration during that time.

scheduleNow that you have accepted my challenge, I remind you that what doesn’t get scheduled doesn’t get done.  Each of us is working on projects. Schedule a time to work on those projects and concentrate. Some of us are officers. Schedule a time to fulfill the responsibilities of that office and concentrate. If you are a mentor to a new member schedule a time to mentor and concentrate.

ToastmastersLogoColor.jpgI believe with every fiber of my being that one of the greatest investments one can make is in themselves. By us joining Toastmasters® we have made an investment in ourselves. One that can have a return of tenfold if we dedicate a little time and concentrate 100%.

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  1. Jan says:

    Mark, Very good idea on how to make our TM time more productive!

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